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Vision: A centre of excellence for secretarial training

Mission: Government Secretarial School exists to provide high quality secretarial training to the Civil Service and the public.


  • Trains high calibre secretarial staff within the Civil Service, Public Service organizations and other quasi-governmental agencies.
  • Offers consultancy services to organizations in the area of testing and interviewing applicants, for job and existing staff for promotion.
  • Organizes refresher courses/induction courses for secretarial staff of organizations. Examines and awards certificates for courses and examinations conducted.
  • Organizes service-wide-in-service training courses for the Secretarial class of the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and other private establishments.


To be provided by the various institutions:

  • Admission procedures
  • Admission form
  • Academic calendars
  • Programme for the school